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Animal Welfare

Chennai Food Bank is reaching beyond humans by contributing towards the welfare of the animals under Animal Welfare Scheme. At RYA Madras Metro Trust under the Chennai Food Bank program, we are committed to an annual donation of more than six tons of food to animal welfare.

Millions of dogs, cows and animals are left abandoned leaving them with no food, medical aid or shelter. With negligible access to good quality food, these stray animals feast on road side garbage or any available food which may be hazardous for their health.

Such abandoned animals have a life too and deserve meals and a place to stay. The Chennai Food Bank Animal Welfare Scheme aims at providing support to such animals for the year.


Adopt An Animal


₹6000 / animal / year


Animal Welfare


Charity, Donation

Helping the needy animals will help maintain the ecological balance

Non availability of care & food for the abandoned and needy animals brings a change in behaviour patterns. With over 35 million stray dogs in India, conflicts have arisen on dealing with dog bites and the threat of rabies. Incidents of stray dogs chasing, attacking and biting school children, aged persons, pedestrians, morning walkers, or two-wheeler riders leads to panic and violent action.

Adequate care and food for these animals gives them a sense of security of their food and shelter which makes them docile.

Going beyond supporting the needy people, Chennai Food Bank has taken a giant leap in supporting the animals in need for their welfare & livelihood.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.


A kind deed towards the animals earns us some good karma & satisfaction

A small contribution, a kind deed, a human philosophy of live & let live help these animals live a healthy life they deserve. RYA Madras Metro Trust strives to reach out to as many abandoned animals and provide them support with food for the year. Join the cause for a hunger free world by saving the lives of animals and contributing for their daily food.